Entrevista con Alex Cookson de Necro Deathmort

José María Altúzar, un amigo, (@_shutDOWN ) me ha compartido una pequeña entrevista que le realizó a Alex Cookson (vía e-mail), miembro del dúo de música experimental originaria de Reino Unido, Necro Deathmort.

He aquí la entrevista:

Hey José!!

So sorry for the delay, had a lot to sort out at the mo..

Thanks for taking the time to ask us questions and I’m really glad you like what we do!


AJ (ndm)

JM – 1. What is the full name of each of you, and where were you born?

AlexMatthew Rozeik and Alex Cookson. We are both from the UK. 

JM – 2. Where and when did you start to make music as Necro Deathmort?

AlexWe formed mid 2008 and released our first album in 2009.  All the initial tracks were made on either of our home setups or in a studio in London. 

JM – 3. What instruments does each member play?

Alex: Together we play and program the music. Performing live, we both play keyboards and do vocals. Matt plays guitar and I play bass. We use the laptop for beats and to process the instruments/voices and even control our lights.

JM – 4. Before NDM, did you play in other bands?

Alex: Matt released music under his own name and also composed for film. I had a two piece band with a drummer and myself on guitar and also made my own electronic music. 

JM – 5. In a few words, how would you descirbe you own sound?

Alex: Our sound is hard to describe without comparing parts to other bands or genres of music. Basically we make songs using guitars and computers.

JM – 6. Your sound is characterized by electronic beats, layers of processed synths and guitars, and an overall dark, almost depressive atmosphere. What influences you to make this kind of music? You can mention bands, situations, movies, whatever inspires you to make this kind of music.

Alex: We just make music that we want to hear. We like to create a certain mood or atmosphere in each track, and the albums or live shows are a blend of those different aspects. Our use of a computer to make beats and the fact that we both produce and perform the album means we have the ability that electronic artists have to fine tune their sound and recreate it live whilst also having the weight of a heavy band. 

Anything can be an influence. There’s obvious nods to certain styles of music such as doom metal or bass-led electronic stuff but anything can spark off an idea. It’s more a case of playing with instruments and sounds and seeing where it goes.

JM – 7. Although NDM is still a very underground band, more and more people every day are loving it, because there is quality in the music, both in the writing and the production. Do you consider any of these factors to be more important than the other? And on which one do you spend more time when recording an album?

Alex: As we produce our music ourselves we produce it as we go. I’d consider both elements as important, although a poorly produced album of great songs is preferable to a super-produced album of music with no substance! We are very much underground, but this give us the freedom to do what we like whilst still being able to reach a lot of people who may enjoy what we do.

JM – 8. Your latest album, Music of Bleak Origin, was released in a very limited edition, featuring elaborate artwork. Are packaging, artwork and physical presentation in general still important for you in these world that seems to be happy with only listening to music in digital format? What are your thoughts about digital music?

Alex: Dominic Hailstone has made some amazing artwork for our releases and the whole package, especially the latest album with it’s huge poster sleeve, are a definite part of it. If people want to download it instead and not even look at the cover or even the track titles, that fine. Having a physical release isn’t a necessity these days but it’s an opportunity to be creative. It’s nice to own an album that you like, as the artist intended, with whatever artwork they chose and no dodgy low bitrate mp3 conversion.

The label that has released our albums (Distraction) has a policy of releasing an initial free download as albums get ripped and put online anyway. There was a limited run(1000) of the MoBO CD with the poster sleeve, and it can also be downloaded in any digital format.

As long as people hear it, come to our live shows, and support the label’s hard work we are happy. It’s up to the listener how much involvement they have.

JM – 9. Besides making music as NDM, do you have other creative outputs or interests? And what about non-artistic interests?

Alex: We both like to keep busy! Matt plays in other bands, namely the mighty Astrohenge, while I do various other production work, mainly an electronic project called Sol Invicto with guitarist Steph Carpenter (Deftones).

All rights reserved, Thanks Alex

Press: ndmpress@gmail.com

Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/necrodeathmort

Twitter: @NecroDeathmort

Distraction Records: http://www.distractionrecords.com/

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